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News Article The Advocate October 3rd 2018. Forest activist calls for change during feedback period on Central West Investigation

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News Article. 'The Bendigo Advertiser' June 5th 2018. Prospectors concerned at land restrictions in Dja Dja Wurrung parks plan

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News Article. 'The Maryborough District Advertiser' July 27th 2018. Bush users rally again against investigation


Roothy has been around for ever and an Australian Legend. Loves the bush and calls it like it is. Heres his video on the Great Forest NP.


Newspaper and online article. The Starweekly. October 16th 2018. Cut up over forest plan- Reclassifying Wombat State Forest to become a national park would be an “ecological disaster”, according to award winning ecologist.

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Mark Poynter is a professional forester with 40 years experience. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Foresters of Australia and his book, Saving Australia's Forests and its Implications, was published in 2007

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Prospectors and Miners Association (PMAV) have been battling land grabs for years. Here is an article from March 2006

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News Article. 'The Advocate' 18th October 2018. WOMBAT STATE PARK. Protecting forest values for future Generations.


ABC News Article + various other agencies. 4th July 2018.Draft strategy released by Aboriginal community to reintroduce dingoes into Victorian state and national parks.


Agenda 21 is alive and well and could be one fo the main reasons behind the increase in NP formation in Australia. The world is built on money

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TV News report. WIN NEWS. 11th June 2018. Bush User Groups meet up to discuss VEAC and aboriginal push for land grab.


TV News Video. WIN News Bendigo. 11th June 2018. Prospectors and other industry groups fear they'll lose out in the push for the expansion of state parks and aboriginal oversight into Victoria's forests.

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TV NIne News Victoria. June 2018 Hundreds of Maryborough residents have rallied against plans to limit access in regional parks such as Bendigo's Wellsford State Forest.

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Newspaper Editorial 'Weekly Times' 26th July 2018. PMAV letter to VNPA

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Newspaper Article 'The Standard' 27th July 2018. Denis Napthine: ALP-Greens alliance would be a nightmare for Victoria | OPINION

Science says people need the bush

News Article. Business Insider 22nd March 2018. 12 science-backed reasons you should spend more time outside


Newspaper Article 'Bendigo Advertiser' 2 August 2018. BUGU Rally against VEAC


TV News Report. 9 News Central Victoria. 6th August 2018. BUGU Rally in Bendigo

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Newspaper Article 'The Courier' 31st August 2018. Ballarat mayor courts French ties and heritage listing on overseas trip. Unesco 'Heritage Listing' for Ballarat Wombat Forest?

NP mismanagement

Newspaper Article Herald Sun July 8 2016 Example of mismanagement of another National Park.

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Newspaper Article 'The Age' - !4th September 2016. Parks Victoria boss forced to stand down over 'inappropriate behaviour'


ABC RADIO with Steve Martin. 3rd September 2018 Interview with a PMAV Branch member. "My blood was boiling, I am so angry" Bush Users Group says they'll be locked out of forests under proposed plan

Weekly Times report on forest lock up Se

Weekly Times Newspaper Article 5th Spetember 2018 Forest Lock-Up fears over VEAC report.

Herald Sun Plan to axe jobs on NP Septem

Herald Sun article 1st September 2018. Proposed NFP costing families with jobs set to disappear.

Dunnoly article VEAC Land Grab

Newspaper article - Dunolly Newspaper about VEAC land grab

Timber pettion 14th August

Article 'Mail - Mountain Views Mail' 14th August 2018. Petition asking to SAVE SIX Sawmills from closing due to land grab


Letter to Editor- Re:VEAC Land Grab


Letter to editor From PMAV about the DJA DJA Wurrung lack of discussion and community engagement

Thousands sign Petition from Ripon

VIDEO 26th July 2018. Louise Staley MP for Ripon, tabled a document in Parliament, signed by thousands of people opposed to VEAC and locking up the bush.